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Gen Z is positive toward advertising in print

Source : Kantar

Gen Z, post-millennials, centennials, whatever you call them, the first cohort – now aged 16-19 years old – are starting to pose some challenges for marketers. Compared to previous generations, Kantar Millward Brown research has found Gen Z are
- more difficult to engage
- are extremely design conscious
- have high expectations of advertising, especially digital.

It’s all too easy to see the problem as binary: “A new mobile-first generation is changing the world” versus “You can’t define people just on their age”. While there is truth to both sides, the overall picture is more complex. In order to get a better understanding of Gen Z and to compare them with Gens Y and X, Kantar Millward Brown surveyed more than 23,000 16-49 year old consumers across 39 countries.

Despite their digitally dominated media consumption, Gen Z can still be impressed by traditional media. While they spend less time with traditional (51% watch an hour or more of TV a day compared to 74% for Gen X), Gen Z are consistently more positive about ad formats such as outdoor, print ads and cinema, TV and radio ads than standard digital alternatives.

Ad formats

No generation is a monolith and Gen Z is no exception. Their upbringing, expectations and access to technology, however, has created a range of attitudes and behaviours that will challenge marketers. Only where brands take all this into consideration will they be successful in engaging this increasingly critical and fast-emerging group of consumers.

Check out the full report here.